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Medi TATE Meditation Stuffie

Medi TATE Meditation Stuffie

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TATE is the first meditation stuffie for kids that offers a full sensory experience and is equipped with a bluetooth speaker to deliver magical audio meditations created specifically for your child. Having TATE as a breathing buddy allows your child to absorb the concept of miindful meditations in a way that makes sense for them, while allowing them to explore their creativity, and learn about about their super power breath!
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mediTATE is a cuddly plush puppy toy with light brown fur and warm brown eyes. As miindfully family members, your family will be able to play the magical meditations, calming music and unique stretching & breathing activities right from your preferred device to the tiny, child-approved, Bluetooth speaker inside of TATE’s belly! TATE’s Bluetooth speaker comes with a charging cord as well as an outlet that can be used to plug in headphones for noisy places like airplanes, public spaces or simply when your child would prefer a quieter meditation experience. An easy on/off switch that is hidden at the very end of TATE’s tail makes it easy to turn it on/off if a child falls asleep without disturbing them.

The essential oil felt heart on TATE’s chest is perfect for absorbing any child-friendly essential oils to aid in the full sensory meditation experience.

As a special addition to the many guided meditations offered with your miindfully family membership, TATE also has four different “Breathing Paws” to support teaching your child about their inside body superpower – their breath!